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25/7 Pumice Central – BULK Scoria and Pumice supplies

Pumice Central provides bulk scoria and pumice products from our Taupo Quarry in Acacia Bay. Our quarry has a massive resource of high grade scoria. Our products SAP20, SAP50 & SAP7, SGC25/7, SGC7/50 and SGC50/100 are proven to be extremely light giving great value for your dollar. Pumice Central provides lightweight pumice products, construction pumice, screened equestrian pumice, Agri race, and sub base construction just to name a few. Pumice Central is your first point of call for commercial scoria drainage and pumice in the North Island. We can deliver direct from the quarry to your site.

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Commercial supply for small to large subdivisions, pipelines, water products & drain layers.

SAP50 - Shear Keys, Scoria Field Drains

SCG 25/7 - Retainer Walls

Site Access Scoria

SAP7 Drainage

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