Lightweight Construction Pumice

PCL Pumice is the number 1 lightweight product and is free from ash.

PCL pumice is unique as it is pure Ignimbright pumice making it super strong and lightweight compared to the average pumice making it perfect for lightweight construction or hard compaction.

PCL pumice only has a 18.9% water content when uplifted from the ground which gives it the ability to stand up to wet weather application.

For all technical specs please see our information page .

Use our product and you will not be disappointed.

#1 Lightweight versitile product, high compaction and free from ash

Bulk Fill Compaction Pumice 0 - 80mm
Clean Construction Pumice 0 – 50mm
Screened Equestrian & Fine Finishing Pumice 0 – 15mm
Screened Cement Pumice 0 – 7mm

Can custom make grades dependant on volume


  • House pads
  • Sub base for roading
  • Infill/backfill
  • Horse arenas
  • Race Pumice